Tuesday, 19 June 2012

I'm freed.


Yes, after two weeks holiday I think that I am freed from that danger.
Mmmmhmm, I do think so and I am quite confident with it.

And so. Once I reached the hostel, the first thing I do is to keep that paper and everything about it.

But guess what?

I think I'm now in danger again. Yes only two days. I think I MIGHT back to the old me.

I saw and I talked and I observed.
Isn't this soooo familiar?
Yes these were what I always did last time.

So what can I do?
Stay away from danger if you're scared to fall again.


Everyone has his own habits.

And we always think that it's super hard for us to change our old habits. However, we do not know that sometime our habits change without our knowing.

Of course, at first you'll feel weird or awkward or anything. But after sometime, you will get used to the things that you thought you couldn't get used to.

A real life example.
I used to sleep with my sister in my hometown. And when I first came to the hostel, I felt terrible because I had to sleep alone. The thing seemed impossible for me but I overcame it. And then I thought sleeping alone was not a big deal.
And after that I have a new roommate. I started with "Uh huh?". Because I thought that will be very inconvenience.
BUT NOW. My roommate was not here, and I couldn't sleep.
This proves that I already got used to sleep with people but not alone!

OH NO. I never thought that some habits could be changed so easily.