Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dickinsonians. *heart*

First of all, I would like to say I like Dickinsonians. They bring lots of fun to me and I do enjoy myself! :D

Emily Dickinson Rock!

And now, introduce my class rep - ACAP.

Nah, here he is. This photo was taken during the outdoor game. :D
HE IS A WEIRDO. Do sounds that human cannot do. Muahhahhaha.

Dearest Vice President - AMAL
Amal is petite with soft and warm voice. Always discpline herself and others. Errr of course, sometimes there are excuses. :P I heard that Fizi calls her guru discipline? XD

Now, the Secretary of the class! :) THACHI THACH THACH (heart)

She is my deskmate too! Last year she was quite quiet in the class but this year she changed a lot. I am wondering is it because of me? XD *blushing*

The one whi always collect money from us, the treasurer - XIAO NGO.

The girl who always call herself CUTIE. Although I am not really think so but since she is my classmate, just hmm, agree with her. XD "Hey Cutie!"

Next. Who else? Kekekekkeke, the most important person in the class, Event Manager - Pak Cik FIZI
I know majority of you cannot accept this picture but what to do? This is FIZI! XD
Although sometimes he is annoying, but sometimes his words is very powerful.
Thanks to him because he makes our class merrier!

The other citizen of Dickinson! Look below...

She is the IT person in our class. Also, she is an expert in drawing. The portrait of Emily that was pasted outside our class was drawn by Jannah! : )
She is cute and the sound 'nyaa' makes her cuter!

Her best friend, SHUE-

This photo was taken when we first played the Webcam Toy! And she was addicted as well! Hehehehe.
Shue is the most hardworking person in Dickinson and she is also very creative person in making DIY cards!

I couldn't find Nesa's solo photo, so just upload this one:
Nesa with her friends during Merdeka Raya Celebration. They performed a hot Indian dance. Muohohohohohohoho. Her hobby is HORSE AROUND. Her deskmates like to tease her! XD

Oooooooooni is quiet in class. But you will know her true colours when she is with Nabellah. XD But she is still consider as normal if compare to Nab. Hahahahahahahahahah.
And her favourite is Spongebob! :D

Speechless. See the girl in the middle, she is NABELLAH.
She is cool and real, the expressions that she shows are always LIVE. Oh yeah, and also the laughter, it's hard to ignore her existance! Grrrrr. XD

Linges is the quietest in our class! -.- Then Fizi and Mr Hairol like to tease her. Aww, how bad. But it's kind of joy because Linges finally speaks! XD

Ieka is a very active girl. She is the one who always got questions to ask. Hehehehe. And now, she becomes more and more cheerful in class when she talks with Mas and Acap. I don't think that it's academically hmm. XD

Kekekekekeek. Kak Izni's latest nickname - Kasih. XD She is such a good person and always put a smile on her face. WARM enough. : )

Mas is a very cheerful classmate. Always speak with warm and lively voice! And based on my observation, she is a person who dislike noise to the max when she needs concentration. Am I right? Heeee. : D

Aira is a girl who has her strong opinions and always brave to speak out. She is such a caring person in the class, care about everyone! : ) Hohohoho, my ex-deskmate!

I think that Tay is a perfectionist? She wants everything to be done well, unlike me. Hehehehhe. I like her because she likes Jojo and Lvlv like I do! Heheh, : ). She is also thoughtful as she gave notes to Fizi. 
(Appreciate yeah Fizi!!! *warning*)

She prefers to be called Anna Susie. ; ) This photo was taken after the make-up class with Jannah. SHE IS A K-POP that always plays songs in class. PS use your headphone! XD

I like to call her Abunji. (heart) Heheheh. And she used to have many nicknames, and the most popular one is Aiman. -.- Aina likes to laugh and her laughter makes people feel stress-less!

Ida in our class! : ) Recently, she was called Cinta. I also don't know the reason -.- And she likes stars. She even makes comparison between stars and her face, said: See, the stars are as cute as me!" XD

Ina is the second from left. Finally, I found your picture uhh. : ) Ina's first impression for me: K-pop. She enjoys and shares with others. Also, she likes to be called Kak. Hmm, kind of weird. XD

How cute! Yuyuy is totally an adorable person! Each and every of her action catches attention! Her action is funny and unexpected. Result: People around her will laugh non-stop. XD Most of our classmates experienced before yeah.

MY DESKMATES for Sem 2!! : )

AFIAH AFI- (heart)
She just sit beside me! : ) and she is fierce uh huhhhh. XD Kidding. She is just nice and we help each other. When I am sleepy, she will show me what to do after my short nap. I will help her when she is focusing on the movies or drama. XD

KAMI KAM KAM- (heart)
Kami Kam Kam is a sweeeeeeeeeeeet girl with cute face. But actually she is not that soft, XD. She is not only excellent in academic but also perform well in co-curriculum! And we like to bicker in class. Heeee. XD

AZIE ZIE ZIE- (heart)
Azie with Aina. This photo was taken when we were playing rusty phone. :D She likes to talk and share and she has special voice that all of us like to imitate! Because it's quite funny. XD She also has high level of confidence that make me jealous! Kekekek. : )

And the last one, tatang -
The mak cik of the nasi lemak stall!

That's FANVIAN! Okay, I am the assisstant event manager that helps event manager a looooooooooooot. XD Hohohohoho.

-pen off-
: )

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