Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hey Bunnies!

Hey peeps!
I will be talking about PETS in this post! : )

Actually these are not my rabbits but my sister's one. Heee.
However I like them and treat them like my own pets! Weeeeeeee. : )

Well. Let me introduce them to you one by one. (Actually there are only two!) XD

This is Bunny. *heart*

And this is Xiao Xiao! : D

They are cute to the max right! Hehehehehehe. : )

Their daily life photos will be shown soon. 
Weeeeee. : D

She was in the cage enjoying her own time. : )

They were both in the cage and having a rest after playing with my sister. : )

She is just adorable enough every second! *heart*

She was skipping around in my sister-in-law's house when my sister went to a vacation.
Everything there is new for her. : )

Bunny is much lazier than Xiao Xiao.
He prefers to stay still at a certain place while Xiao Xiao like to horse around. XD

My sister editted this photo on the first day of 2012! : )
*Actually my sister is a little bias, she likes Bunny more than Xiao Xiao. : (*


His favourite hobby is lying somewhere and do nothing. -.-

My sister was sitting on the floor while having ribena and reading papers.
Bunny saw the cup and came to drink. How cute! *heart!*

At a strange place (my sister-in-law's house), they feel awkward. XD

I don't know what is he doing! :b

Gotcha! XD

Resting. AGAIN. XD

"Hmm, what's happening there?"

Both are tired and could not get used of the new environment.

Bunny rested outside the air-con room.

*Both of them like to lie against the door and enjoy the air-con that comes out from the small gap. Hahahahhahha. XD

"Hey this place is mine!"
"Nope, this is mine!!"

*They like to fight for a place - in front of the door where they can feel the coldness of the air-con. Heheheh. :D

Both of them are too cute until I cannot ignore their existance! : )
And last Friday (19th of April 2012), their babies were born! : )
HOWEVER, only one was saved.

Here are the photos! :)

See, it's soooooo small. Even smaller than the hand palm!

Good baby. : )

Sleeping? : )

Drinking milk. Dulopdulop. XD

I can't wait to see you grow up day by day!

Xiao Xiao, the mummy! The vet took well care of the mummy by feeding her fresh veggie! : )

I'm proud of you! Muahhahahaha. :D

Actually, last few months, Xiao Xiao was pregnant but her babies were all died. The vet said this was because Xiao Xiao was still young and didn't know how to take care of her own children.

But now, she is doing well! :D

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