Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hohohohohoho Fanvian's Favourite Food. :)

This will be my first post! And I'm going to share to you about my favourite food.

Well, let's start the topic!
I have few favourite food so far. I will list them down one by one, hehehhe.

Okay, the food that rank the top in my list is FISHBALL NOODLES.

I love fishball since I was a kid. And until now, I still like to eat. 
Whenever I go to hawker centre, the first stall I will look for is fishball noodles and queue there happily. Heheheh. 
I am unable to describe how happy I am when I get the noodles. 
My favourite stall that my family and I always visit to is the hawker centre in Batu Pahat. I don't know what the hawker centre calls but we call it "Hai Bian" which nears the bus terminal.

Okay, RANK 2. : )


This is the traditional soya beancurd. I love the smoothness when they slide in my mouth.
I think my expression will be exactly like this...

Kekekekkekeke XD

And today, there are many types of soya beancurd such as soya beancurd mix soya milk, soya beancurd mix with soya milk and red-bean ball and many else. These examples are the most common one.

- Soya beancurd with soya milk and red-bean balls -

- Soya beancurd mis with soya milk -

And also there are -

- Red bean soup soya beancurd -

- Soya beancurd with brown sugar -

They are soooooooo nice!

Also, the third top food that I like is APPLE! :D

I like it because it is crispy! I can eat up to five apples per day! : )

I AM NOW CRAVING FOR ALL THESE FOOD!!! Someone please, let's go and eat! COME. : )

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