Wednesday, 2 May 2012

We were young. : )

There was a long long long story about us.

We knew each other when we were in kindergarten, we were just three years old that time.

We were too young, too pure and too innocent.
This was what we were during the time.

I think it was the most memorable moment as it started our story. : )

Once I reached the kindergarten, the principal brought me to him and his gang. All girls except him. Hahahahah, always, he is surrounded by girls, even until now. :D
At first I was jealous; but after some time, I knew that was the adorable part of him; and at the end, I found out that was the reason that broke us apart.

And we were getting closer and closer. We played, we laughed and we cried together.
We spent our every moment in the kindergarten together, yeah with two other girl, Polaris.

After we ended our education in kindergarten, we further our study in the same primary school but different classes. Only Polaris went to different school.

We were not so close as we were in kindergarten. I don't know why, even until now, I still cannot figure out the reason. Maybe because of the burden of the homework? Or because of it was the arrangement by my dear God?

So, everything just wen on and on. Nobody bothered about the friendship anymore.

Very quickly, six years passed.

He moved to the other city, only the girls left. But we did keep in touch by phone, meet each other during tuition classes.

We just sat beside each other. I thought God brought our gang back together. Three of us attended the same tuition classes and piano classes, and the lost connection appeared again. I couldn't describe how thrill I was because I am the person who always think about old days.

One day, he confessed.
I was totally mood down that day as I had an argument with Polaris. He comforted me and kept making jokes.

I thanked Polaris as she gave our story an introduction. We were just 13.

Hahahaha, so here we started.

Compare to a normal couple, we were quite weird as we didn't hang out frequently like others do. The first thing we were worried was our parents would find out about our relationship. But luckily, we both were good in acting. XD So they didn't realize.

After one and a half year, we broke up.
The reason he gave me was just rubbish. He said he wanted to concentrate on his study.
Okay, then why should we start? Some more our relationship didn't affect our study at all. All the results were remain well.

Everything came too sudden. What I could do was just accept. I couldnt't tell my family for consolation because they didn't even know about this.

Try to get over someone is the worst thing in the world.

I read one quote before,
Trying to forget someone is like trying to remember someone that you never meet.
That's true. And how sad.

I tried really hard to go through the fact that happened in front of me.
People said youngsters are not suitable to step in a relationship. Maybe that's right. Because they don't know how to manage their emotions and they are still learning on how to cope with such things.
And 'this thing', maybe some people will never get it even after lots of practice.
It is just unpredictable and undescribable.

I don't how long I had used to go through that sorrow.
I just know that we lost contact for eight months long.
I was too scared to call him even just text him.

We still met each other in classes. And it was AWKWARD.
And after that, he changed the tuition centre and we didn't meet each other anymore.

After eight months, he appeared again. Sudden.

He called me at one night. I still could recognise his voice even after eight months without contacting each other.
The moment, the feeling were couldn't explain by any words.
I cried. I don't know what does that mean. Surprise? Excited? Or Sad?
I didn't expect much, I was satisfied with what he did. I was happy as long as we were still friends as we have been together since kindergarten.

After few weeks, we got back together.
And only then I knew, he broke up with me because his mum knew about us. She told him if we were not going to end this relationship, she would tell my mum. And he did know that my mum is very strict. So, instead of let me being scolded by my mum, he chose to break up with me.

After some time, his mum knew again about us. This time, she didn't do the same thing. She just wanted his promise that he wouldn't affect his academic.
I was shocked. And I felt like wanted to tell my parents also because it was so unfair.

At that night, I told my parents and surprisingly they didn't say no.
Everything was just went smoothly and then I just noticed that we were not as happy as before.

And I forgot, people will change due to time and environment. So I thought everything would just fine like what we had eight months before.

I felt like I was no longer knew the guy whi stand in front of me. It was so strange.
However, I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure that was I able to lose him again.

One day, he spoke. Finally. I think he already wanted to do so but he just didn't spoke up.
He told me that the reason was because of a small matter. What a crap. I told myself that time with tears in my eyes.
And my friend asked him what happened to us. He told him that this is all because of distance. He said he couldn't accept. What a crap. And then how could we hold on for so long?

That year, we were 15.

I didn't how did I look like after my friends told me.
Polaris said I was like a person without soul. Oh Was I?
She said I tried to hide everything but she knew.

Yeah, that moment I know that friends are the most reliable after family.

Even though Polaris and I didn't have a long-last friendhip. I felt sorry about this.
But nobody could help with our friendship, just like him and I couldn't help with my own relationship.
I am still happy with what I had gone through. Maybe I am still not good, but at least I am better than before. Because those incidents made me grow.

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